2020 Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference (AVDC) - China Call for Abstracts 

Exhibition Schedule

June 2

Registration, poster and exhibition set up

June 3

8:30 -10:30am



(7 speakers)






Welcome and introduction (10 min)

Key note:  The Role of Veterinary Diagnostics in Animal and Public HealthJianzhong Shen, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University  (30 min)


Guest speaker remarks, 10 minutes each: Co-Chair: Rich French

1. Juan LuBroth, FAO CVO  

2. Shengpeng Xin, Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association (CVMA)

3. Keith Bailey, President, American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD)  

4. The Relationship Between the Diagnosis and Laboratory Detection of Animal Infectious Diseases, Ping Jiang, Nanjing Agricultural University

5. Shanlin Bai, SVC, CP Group China

6. Strategic Partner CEO, Shiji Yuanheng

7. Strategic Partner CEOIdexx




Panel Discussions (6 panelists from morning forum)




Breakout Sessions ( 4 speakers each session, 30 minutes each talk, simultaneous translation)

Veterinary Diagnostics and Animal Health

Co-Chair: Qigai He and Jianqiang  Zhang

Food Safety and Security

Co-Chair: Congming Wu and Joy Scaria

Accreditation & Assessment of Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories 

Co-Chair: Jerry Saliki and Zouran Lan

Third Party Diagnostic Service 

Co-Chair: Jiang Ping and Frank Liu


(2 speakers)


2:30pm-2:45pm  Q&A





(2 speakers)





1. Diagnostic  service for disease monitoring and surveillanceKeith Bailey, AAVLD 

2. China animal disease surveillance program – focus on ASF, Shengpeng Xin, Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association

3. Quality control of veterinary biologics in ChinaQizu Zhao, Chinese Institute of Veterinary Drug Control

4. Sample collection and laboratory testing methods for swine pathogens, Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University

1. Feed quality and safety in China, Peilong Wang, Institute of Quality Standards
and Testing Technology for Agro-products, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2. Pet food quality control in China,  Liwen Wang, Chinese Feed Industry Association

3. Anti-drug resistance, Congming Wu, China Agricultural University

4. Introducing FDA Genome Tracking program for food safety monitoring, Joy Scaria, South Dakota State University


1. CNAS (China National Accreditation Service), Zouran Lan , Shangdong Province Animal CDC

2. AAVLD accreditation, David Korcal, Michigan State University

3. ISO 17025 accreditation, David Korcal, Michigan State University 

4. Application of FAO LMT in laboratory assessment by the CP Group,Filip Claes


1. Predict the unpredictable,Frank Liu, University of Minnesota

2. 3rd-party laboratory and disease diagnostics for pet, Yanyun Huang, Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc

3. Diagnosis cases, Jane Christopher-Hennings, South Dakota State University

4. The role of diagnostic assays in
veterinary vaccine development and monitoring, Jishu Shi, Kansan State University


Sponsor Satellite Conferences



June 4

9:00- noon

Mini-symposium ( 3 speakers each session, 45 minutes each talk, simultaneous translation)

Diagnostic Laboratory Management,   Co-Chair: Jane Christopher-Hennings and Junwei Wang

New Diagnostic  Technologies

Co-Chair: Jishu Shi and Changchun Tu

LIMS (industry –supported)

Fast Diagnostic Technology and Tools (industry –supported)


(2 speakers )






(1 speakers)


11:45-noon Q&A

Laboratory set-up and management – focus on lab safety, Junwei WangChina Animal Health and Epidemiology Center

Quality assurance, David Korcal, Michigan State University

Diagnostic lab workforce development, Jane Christopher-Hennings, South Dakota State University

1. Applications of next generation sequencing technology in a veterinary diagnostic laboratory, Ganwu Li, Iowa State University

2. Diagnosis of swine viral diseases by NGS, Changchun Tu, Institute of Military Veterinary Medicine

3. Multiplex PCR, Luminex, and Point-of-Care platforms in veterinary diagnostic services, Jianfa Bai, Kansas State University


2. Thailand SMART iLab (Dr. French)

3. VetView, Shauna Corsaro, University of Georgia

4. Big data usages, Joy Scaria, South Dakota State University

To be invited



1:30 – 4:00pm

Breakout Sessions ( 4 speakers each session, 30 minutes each, simultaneous translation, Total 16 speakers)

Molecular Diagnostics 

Co-Chair: Jianqiang Zhang and Ting Lei


Chair: Wenxue Wu



Chair: Jerry Saliki

Diagnostic  Pathology

Co-Chair: Rich French and Xiangmei  Zhou



(4 speakers)


3:30-4:00pm break



Sample processing and nucleic acid extraction,  Justin Liao, Thermo Fisher

Real-time PCR and result interpretation,  Justin Liao, Thermo Fisher

Operation model of real-time PCR in a high throughput veterinary diagnostic laboratory,Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University

Sequencing and application, Jianfa Bai, Kansan State University

Rapid ID

Rapid AST/MICEric Burrough, Iowa State University

AMR, Joy Scaria, South Dakota State University

Bacterial identification, antibiotic resistance and nanopore technology, Joy Scaria, South Dakota State University


Short-term storage of cell cultures in refrigeration temperatures Jerry Saliki, University of Georgia

Overview of ASF epidemiology, Carmen Gallardo, National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), Spain

ASF diagnostics: serological techniques (Carmen Gallardo)

ASF diagnostics: virological techniques, (Carmen Gallardo

Distance veterinary diagnostic pathology, Yanhu Huang, Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc

Rich French

Tianchun Pu, Director of  Veterinary Hospital of Beijing Zoo 

Eric Burrough, Iowa State University



4:00 – 5:00

Conference Conclusion

§ Interests and needs

§ Open comments and questions

§ Concluding remarks

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