Exhibition Scope

· Veterinary diagnostic laboratory managers and technicians

· Researchers and pathologists in veterinary diagnostic science

· Veterinary diagnostic service providers

· Diagnostic equipment and device manufacturers

· Laboratory supplies manufacturers and distributors

· Animal health product manufacturers

· Animal health product sales and technical support personnel

· Veterinarians

· Animal health and food safety regulatory agencies

· University professors and researchers

· Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists interested in veterinary diagnostics

Areas to be covered

· Veterinary diagnostic research and practice

· New veterinary diagnostic tools and technologies

· Improving diagnostic capacity and efficiency

· Veterinary diagnostic pathology

· Diagnostic laboratory operation and management

· Quality assurance and quality control

· Diagnostic laboratory accreditation

· Laboratory information management system

· Using diagnostic data for disease surveillance and monitoring

· Diagnostics as a tool to ensure food safety and security

· Diagnostics as tools in vaccine development

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