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June 25

Registration, poster, and exhibition set up



1. Mini symposium 1 - Swine disease diagnostics (Non-ASF) (sponsored by Tianlong Technology Company)

Chair: Qigai He, Huazhong Agricultural University 

8:30am – Diagnostic techniques for porcine epidemic diarrhea, Qigai He, Huazhong Agricultural University

9:15am – PRRSV-1-4-4 (tentative), Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University

10:00am – Break

10:30am – Analytical sensitivity of Sanger sequencing in detection of different viruses, Yang Liu, (invited by Tianlong Technology Company)

11:00am – Diagnostic techniques of classic swine fever, Qin Wang, China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control

11:30am – Emerging Swine disease epidemiology, Shuo Su, Nanjing Agricultural University


2. Mini symposium 2- Swine disease diagnostics – ASF (sponsored by Bioer Technology)

Chair: Fuhao Fan, Ministry of Agriculture Breeding Pig Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Guangzhou)

1:30pm – Identification of stable cell lines for African swine fever diagnostics and vaccine production, Doug Gladue, USDA Plum Island Animal Disease Center

2:15pm – Practices in ASFV testing and diagnostic, Fuhao Fan, Ministry of Agriculture Breeding Pig Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Guangzhou)

2:45pm – Break

3:00pm – Swine disease epidemic dynamics, Xiaocheng Li, China Animal Disease Control Center, (invited by Bioer Technology)

3:30pm – Epidemiology helps diagnosis and analysis of ASF, Shuaibiao Wang, DanAg Agritech

4:00pm – Q&A

3. Mini symposium 3 – Poultry disease diagnostics

Chair: Guozhong Zhang, China Agricultural University

8:30am – An Introduction to the US National Poultry Improvement Plan, Elena Behnke, USDA APHIS VS

9:15am – New technologies for diagnosis and prevention of avian immunosuppressive diseases, Yulong Gao, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute 

10:00am – Break

10:30am – Development and utilization of novel detection technologies for avian immunosuppressive diseases, Peng Zhao, Shandong Agricultural University 

11:00am – Poultry diagnostics 101 – sample collection and diagnostic interpretation, Yuko Sato, Iowa State University

11:30am – Update on laboratory diagnostic techniques for avian influenza, Alejandro Banda, Mississippi State University

Noon - Lunch

1:30pm – Differential diagnosis of important respiratory infections diseases in chickens, Guozhong Zhang, China Agricultural University 

2:15pm – Diagnostic techniques for the emerging poultry viral diseases including fowl adenovirus disease, goose gout disease and others, Jianqiang Ye, Yangzhou University

2:45pm – Break

3:00pm – Biosafety analysis of probiotic bacillus, Kui Zhu, China Agricultural University

3:30pm – TBD

4:00pm – Q&A

4. Mini symposium 4 – Companion animal diseases-Cytology diagnostics (sponsored by Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology)

Chair: Hanbin Liu,

8:30am – Cytology as a tool, Leslie Sharkey, Tufts University

9:15am – Cytology: Collection and preparation, Jennifer Steinberg, Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Pathology

9:30am – Cytology: Generation, evaluation and interpretation, Francisco Conrado, Tufts University

10:00am – Break

10:30am – Application od large-scale instruments in biochemical reagents, Weili Ma, Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd.

11:00am – Cytology: Generation evaluation and interpretation, Francisco Conrado, Tufts University 

11:45 Q&A

Noon Lunch

1:30pm - Ear cytology, Leslie Sharkey, Tufts University

2:15pm – Lumps/bumps, Jennifer Steinberg, Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Pathology

3:00pm – Break

3:30pm – Lymph node cytology, Francisco Conrado, Tufts University

4:15pm – Q&A

5. Mini symposium 5 – Ruminants diseases diagnostics

Chair: Xiangmei Zhou, China Agricultural University

8:30am – Specific antigens used for diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis, Xiangmei Zhou, China Agricultural University

9:15am – How to Approach Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD), Michael Reichel, Veterinary Public Health 

10:00am – Break

10:30am – Common issues and solutions in diagnosis of sheep and goat diseases, Zengqi Yang, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University

11:00am – Bovine Brucellosis Diagnoses and Control, Miladin Kostovic, Ellie LLC

11:30am – New progress in the detection and diagnosis of "two diseases" in cattle, Weixing Fan, China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center

Noon - Lunch

1:30pm – Lumpy Skin Disease: Gross-and Histo-pathology and Diagnostics, Richard French, Global Animal Health Partners, LLC 

2:15pm – Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of bovine leukemia virus, Yi Yang, Yangzhou University

2:45pm Break

3:00pm - Neospora caninum - what we learnt in the last thirty years, Michael Reichel, Veterinary Public Health

3:30pm – TBD

4:00pm – Q&A

June 26

Morning - Opening session

8:30am - noon

Welcome and introduction (10 min)

· Kegong Tian, Henan Agricultural University

· The role of North American veterinary diagnostic laboratories in disease testing and surveillance, including current and future pandemics, Jerry Saliki, Oklahoma State University

· ASF prevention and control challenges and countermeasures, Huaji Qiu, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute

· Current status of major avian diseases in China, Hualei Liu, China Animal Disease Control Center



1:30 – 3:00pm

Afternoon – Breakout Sessions (30 minutes each, simultaneous translation)

Molecular Diagnostics 1

(sponsored by Oxford Nanopore Technologies)

Chair: Lin Yuan


1:30pm – Molecular tools for detecting and characterizing PRRSV, Jianqiang Zhang, Iowa State University


2:00pm – Application and research of nanopore sequencing technology in animal diseases, Hai Wang, Oxford Nanopore Technologies


2:30pm – Detection of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli using digital PCR technology, Jianfa Bai, Kansas State University

Virology/Serology 1

(sponsored by Shanghai Mingjie Biological)

Chair: Zhen Yang


1:30pm – Detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) antibody in swine using oral fluid specimens, Korakrit Poonsuk, University of Nebraska


2:00pm – Precision quantification of antibody to reconstruct the value of veterinary clinical testing, Qinshan Zuo, Mingjie Biological


2:30pm – Advances and challenges in diagnostic techniques for equine infectious diseases, Xiaojun Wang, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute

Diagnostic Pathology 1 Chair: Xiangmei Zhou


1:30pm – Significance of surgical margins and prognostic features of commons skin neoplasms in dogs and cats, Chanran Ganta, NIEHS/Integrated Laboratory Systems


2:00pm – Pathological diagnosis and prevention and control of important infectious diseases in ruminants in Inner Mongolia,Jinling Wang, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University


2:30pm – Isolation of Trueperella abortisuis from swine abortions: is this an emerging pathogen? Giselle Cino, Oklahoma Statement University

Microbiology 1

(sponsored by Bio-Rad)

Chair: Aizhen Guo


1:30pm – Bacterial big data application: from diagnostics to pathogenesis,Min Le, Zhejiang University


2:00pm – Significance of bovine serum antibody detection in immune surveillance and disease diagnosis, Aizhen Guo, Huazhong Agricultural University


2:30pm – Rapid test of Lawsonia intracellularis, Hongjie Fan, Nanjing Agricultural University


Sponsor speaker, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

3:00 – 3:30pm



Strategic partner session – African swine fever virus ELISA detection technology and its application in prevention and control programs, Lichao Chi, Beijing Anheal Animal Epidemic Prevention Technology Co.

4:30 – 5:30pm

Sponsor presentation - TBD



June 27

8:30am - noon

Breakout sessions (30 minutes each, simultaneous translation)

8:30am – noon

30 minutes break

New Technologies in Veterinary Diagnostics

(sponsored by Beijing Biaochezehui)

Chair: Kegong Tian


8:30am – Application of "0 + X" nanomembrane chip technique in animal disease diagnosis and food safety detection, Kegong Tian, Henan Agricultural University


9:00am – Research on rapid detection technology of livestock and poultry diseases in the field, Fei Liu, Nanjing Agricultural University


9:30am – Detection and application of African swine fever pathogens and antibodies, Jinlai Zheng, Beijing Biaochezehui

Epidemiology and Diseases Modeling

(sponsored by Hangzhou Houze Biotech)

Chair: Zhen Yang


8:30am – Advances in the surveillance of swine populations using aggregate samples, Jeffrey Zimmerman, Iowa State University


9:00am – Active regional surveillance for early detection of exotic/emerging pathogens of swine: A comparison of statistical methods for farm selection, Chong Wang, Iowa State University


9:30am – Application of spatially balanced sampling to active regional surveillance of U.S. commercial swine farms, Chong Wang, Iowa State University

Lab safety and quality control

Chair: Junwei Wang


8:30am –Accreditation status and requirements of veterinary laboratories, Peijun Zhai,China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment 


9:15am –Veterinary laboratory design and critical control points for acceptance,  Jinxin Xie, Jiangsu CDC 



Diagnostic Pathology 2 Wenqi He


8:30am –The importance of veterinary pathology techniques in the diagnosis of animal diseases, Wenqi He, Jilin University


9:00am –The significance of pathological techniques application in diagnosis of pig diseases, Xiuling Yu, National Veterinary Medicine Engineering Technology Research Center


9:30am –Coronavirus Diseases - Learning from the animals,Chen-Hsuan Liu, National Taiwan University




10:30am – Microfluidic-based antibiotic resistance detection panel and its application in animal and human stool samples detection, Xia Chen, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


11:00am – Detection of Classical Swine Fever,  African Swine Fever and Atypical Porcine Pestivirus with Genechip, Yingju Xia, China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control


11:30am – Q&A

10:30am – Application of Qsep series fully automated capillary electrophoresis instrument for molecular diagnostic quality control, Jun Yu, Hangzhou Houze Biotech


11:00am – Molecular epidemiology of animal rabies in China surveillance, Ye Feng, Changchun Veterinary Research Institute


11:30am – Q&A

10:30am - Some requirements and non-conformance in quality management of veterinary laboratory, Zouran Lan,Shandong Animal CDC


11:00am –Biological risk management in veterinary laboratories ,Junwei Wang, China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center 


11:30am – Q&A

10:30am – Disseminated trichomoniasis in dolphins, Lingling Chang, Northwest A&F University


11:00am –Advances in surgical pathological diagnosis of companion animals, Haoyun Li, China Agricultural University


11:30am – Q&A


Meet with Speakers Online- Q&A



1:30pm – 4:30pm

Breakout Sessions (4 speakers each session, 30 minutes each, simultaneous translation)

Molecular Diagnostics 2

(sponsored by Beijing Ming Ri Da technology)

Chair: Jianqiang Zhang/Lin Yuan


1:30pm – Optimization and quality control of each process in qPCR to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results, Lin Yuan, Sino-science Gene Technology Co., Ltd.


2:00pm – The emergence of natural variant strains of low lethality African swine fever poses new challenges for molecular diagnosis and prevention and control of ASF, Dongming Zhao, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute


2:30pm – Rapid diagnosis and prevention and control measures for African swine fever virus, Hebing Liu, Beijing Ming Ri Da technology, LLC

Microbiology 2

Chair: Guoqiang Zhu/Zinan Xu


1:30pm –Accurate, fast diagnosis for Salmonella enteriditis infection and beyond, Guoqiang Zhu, Yangzhou University


2:00pm – Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Swine: Fecal Prevalence, Shiga Toxin Subtypes, and Public Health Implications, T.G. Nagaraja, Kansas State University


2:30pm – Screening of diagnostic molecular marker and clinical significance of meningitis induced by porcine streptococcal type 2 infection, Liancheng Lei, Jilin University


Virology/Serology 2 

(sponsored by Jinnuo Diagnostics)

Chair: Li Feng


1:30pm – Pathogenic and serological diagnosis of porcine epidemic diarrhea as a guide in its prevention and control, Li Feng, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute


2:00pm – Design and implementation of a diagnostic monitoring program for pigs in different infection states of PRRS, Lei Zhou, China Agricultural University 


2:30pm - A brief distinction between true and false positive antibodies to ASF and countermeasures for pig farms, Xingliang Wu, Jinnuo Diagnostics


Selected Oral Presentation (in selection process)

Chair: Xianghong Li


1:30pm –


1:45pm –


2:00pm –


2:15pm –



3:15pm – Recombinase-based Isothermal Amplification Assay for the Rapid On-site Detection of Animal disease, Xiaoxu Fan, China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center 


3:45pm – Application and comparison of multiple sequencing technologies in animal disease diagnosis, Yang Liu, China Animal Disease Control Center

3:15pm – Veterinary Antibiograms, Brian Lubbers, Kansas State University


3:45pm – Progress in detection of mycoplasma bovis, Zihao Pan, Nanjing Agricultural University

3:15pm – Rapid detection of antibodies of major swine viruses in oral fluid, Bin Zhou, Nanjing Agricultural University 


3:45pm – Rabies (tentative), Zhenfang Fu, University of Georgia



3:15pm –


3:30pm –


3:45pm –


4:00pm –


4:15pm – 5:00pm

Q&A, and Conclusion

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