Exhibition Procedures

1. The exhibitor must be a legitimate production or sales enterprise registered with the relevant competent authorities. When signing the exhibition contract, the exhibitor must submit the copies of the relevant certificates such as "business license", "production license" and "hygiene license" with the official seal.

2. Exhibitors shall fill in the exhibition application form in detail, stamp it with official seal, and mail or fax it to the office of the organizing committee;

3. After registration, exhibitors must remit relevant fees to the designated account of the organizing committee office within 7 days;

4. The booth arrangement is based on the principle of first registration, first payment and first arrangement. The organizing committee office has the right to adjust a small number of booths;

5. Transportation of exhibits, reception of representatives, check-in accommodation and other matters shall be explained in the exhibition manual sent by the organizing committee office 30 days before the meeting.

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