Veterinary diagnostics plays a critical role in food animal production, companion animal health, and biomedical research. Reliable and on-time veterinary diagnostic results are important in the surveillance, detection, and control of both endemic and newly emerging or re-emerging animal diseases.  Furthermore, the development of new diagnostic methods and technologies has proved to be essential for ensuring animal health, food safety, and public health.  In China, there is an increasing volume of food animal production (pigs, poultry, cattle, and fish) to meet the protein consumption needs of the booming middle class population. The number of pet animal owners is also increasing exponentially, thus increasing the demand for high quality and affordable diagnostic services. In China, there is room for significant improvements in veterinary diagnostic services in terms of availability of providers of reliable, accurate, timely, and high throughput services. Quality assurance and quality control of diagnostic services, laboratory equipment and supplies, and reagents are also important factors for meeting the growing needs of the food animal and companion animal industries. Therefore, the Annual Veterinary Diagnostics Conference – China (AVDC-China) is organized in China with following objectives:

· Providing a forum for dissemination and exchange of the latest research progress, technological developments, and applied methods in veterinary laboratory diagnostic science

· Assisting to build veterinary laboratory diagnostic capacity for disease detection, surveillance, and monitoring

· Supporting food animal producers and pet owners with world-class expertise in veterinary diagnostics  

· Training veterinary diagnostic professionals, researchers, and students

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