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Dr. Dongming Zhao, PhD, Professor, has been working on zoonosis and exotic diseases for near 14 years. In order to meet the major demand for the prevention and control of ASF in China, Dr. Zhao is committed to the basic and prevention research of ASF. He first isolated the virulent ASFV (HLJ/18) as well as low-lethal viruses of genotype II and I in China, and characterized their genome evolution and pathogenicity. He resolved the fine three-dimensional structure of ASFV particles and proposed the assembly mechanism hypothesis. He developed the safe and effective 7 gene-deleted ASFV vaccine (HLJ/18-7GD), broke through the bottleneck of vaccine industrialization, completed the safety evaluation of agricultural genetically modified organisms and clinical trials; developed four ASF detection kit approved for production through emergency evaluation. His findings provide important theoretical and technical support for ASF prevention and control in China. In the past five years, he published 15 SCI papers in Science, and other journals as the first or corresponding author (including co-author), with a cumulative impact factor of 117. He presided over one of the national key research and development projects during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Some of the achievements were selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of the top Ten Scientific Advances in China in 2019. He received individual commendation awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Heilongjiang Provincial Youth Science and Technology Award.

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