Speakers(Updating) » Dr. Hongjun Yang

Dr. Yang is currently a professor of Dairy Cow Research Center in Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the director of Dairy Cow Diseases Prevention and Control Laboratory. He engaged in the research field of dairy cow disease as one of post scientists in the Dairy Cow Disease Control Laboratory of China Dairy Cow Industry Technology Research System. He has successively undertaken the National "863" Program of China and the National Key R&D Plan Sub-projects. He won the first prize for China Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2016 and the second prize for Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015. He developed 3 provincial local standards and 4 authorized patents and published more than 50 papers. Based on scientific research, he was devoted to the dairy industry on the front line and established a “Dairy 120” platform providing accurate, rapid and objective disease detection service for more than 120 dairy herds in 22 provinces of China.

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