Speakers(Updating) » Dr. Jinling Wang

PhD, associate professor, master advisor, Director of Basic Veterinary of Veterinary College of Inner-Mongolia Agricultural University. Dr. Jinling Wang teaches mainly on animal pathology and livestock pathological anatomy. Him research direction is animal infectious disease and immunopathology. He presided over 2 autonomous regional scientific research projects and participated in a number of national scientific research projects, published more than 10 papers at home and abroad as the first author, participated in the compilation of the national 13th Five-Year Plan textbooks "Livestock Pathology" (Fifth Edition) and "Veterinary Pathology" (two-color version), participated in the compilation of 9 monographs and 1 national standard of the People’s Republic of China, and 1 national patent. He also participated in the application and construction of the "Livestock Pathology" national quality course, the "Livestock Pathology" autonomous regional teaching team and online course of the "Livestock Pathology”.

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