Wei Liu graduated from Yangzhou University with a master's degree in zoology in June 2005. He is currently a senior veterinarian at the Laboratory Biosafety Management Division of the China Center for Animal Disease Prevention and Control, a member of the Biosafety Review Expert Committee of the Animal Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a member of the 3rd National Animal Health Risk Assessment Expert Committee, and a National Conformity Assessment of China Accreditation Committee (CNAS) laboratory biosafety accreditation reviewer, has long been engaged in the biosafety management of animal pathogenic microorganism laboratories and veterinary experiment assessment management. Participated in the formulation and revision of "Highly Pathogenic Animal Pathogenic Microorganism Laboratory Biosafety Management Approval Measures", "Category List of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms", and "Veterinary System Laboratory Assessment Management Measures"; participated in the drafting of the National People's Congress "Biosafety Law"; participated in the formulation of the industry Standard "General Principles of Biosafety Requirements for Veterinary Laboratories" (NY/T1948-2010), "Quality and Technical Requirements for Veterinary Laboratories" (NY/T2961-2016); undertook the 948 project "High-level Veterinary Biosafety Laboratory Design, Construction and "Management technology", won the third prize of the China Agricultural Science and Technology Award; published more than 10 articles including "The Status Quo and Management Countermeasures of Veterinary Biosafety Laboratories in China", "Discussion on Biosafety Issues and Countermeasures Caused by Gene Recombination Technology", and published "Veterinary Medicine" Biosafety Facilities: Design and Construction Manual, Biosafety Principles and Guidelines (Fourth Edition), Biosafety Selected Series, and more than 10 works.

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