Member of the European Society of veterinary clinical pathology; Master of animal medicine, South China Agricultural University, under Professor Xiong Huijun; Participate in the translation of books Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography; Ex-manager of south of Lpet; Now the technical director of Zocode international testing center. He has been engaged in clinical pet doctor since 2009, and joined Lpet diagnostic laboratory in 2017. During this period, he took the initiative to build Shanghai Lpet laboratory and Guangzhou Lpet laboratory as the technical director of Lpet laboratory in South China. During this period, more than 100 online and offline trainings were carried out. Among them, he has been employed as the lecturer of the annual meeting of Sichuan small animal doctorsassociation, the host of the second AVDC on small animal pathology, the host of the third AVDC on small animal clinical pathology, and the lecturer of the second Asian small animal specialist medical conference. At present, he is also the training lecturer of Weilang and intercontinental Kant, and the laboratory consultant of many chain pet medical institutions. As the technical director of Zocode international testing center in China, he answers more than 30 clinician questions every day. Expertise in clinical pathology, pathology and internal medicine.

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