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Dr. Jianhan Lin is now full professor and Associate Dean at the College of Information and Electric Engineering, China Agricultural University, and currently serves as the associate of Key Lab of Agriculture Information Acquisition Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Vice Director of National Digital Agroproduct Circulation Innovation Center, Associate Editor of Transactions of the ASABE, Editor for Chinese Chemical Letters and Council Member of Livestock Farming Section of the CSAE. He was selected as Minjiang Scholar and Dabeinong Scholar. He is also a senior member of CSAE and CSBE, and a member of IEEE, ACS, RSC and ASABE. In the past decade, he and his team are focused on the development of novel biosensors for rapid detection of foodborne pathogens and animal diseases for ensuring food safety and preventing epidemic animal diseases. During the past five years, he has led 10+ research projects, published 50+ peer review papers in TOP journals and filed 10+ patents. 

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