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In 1997, Dr. Zouran Lan earned his MS degree in Animal Infectious Diseases and Preventive Veterinary Medicine at Nanjing Agricultural University, and received Ph.D. degree in 2006. He is currently a researcher at the Shandong Provincial Center for Animal Disease Prevention and Control. He is mainly engaged in animal disease surveillance, epidemiological adjustment, experimental quality management, animal infectious disease prevention and control, and related research. He has 18 years of laboratory quality management experience. Currently, he is a technical reviewer of the China National Accreditation Administration (CNAS) laboratory, a CMA accreditation expert of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, and a veterinary laboratory assessment expert of the Ministry of Agriculture. He is also an expert in animal disease eradication assessment and certification. He organized and participated in research called "Monitoring and Eradication Technology of Bovine Tuberculosis and Brucellosis", "Molecular Epidemiological Investigation of Hog Cholera and Genetic Engineered Vaccine Research" and "Guide Separation and Mechanism of Compound Anti-Newcastle Disease Virus Compounds" and many other research works. He published more than 90 articles in domestic and foreign journals and edited 10 monographs such as "Animal Disease Surveillance Technical Manual" and "Newcastle Disease". He also translated "OIE Hygiene Animal Health Code" into Chinese. He won eight provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements awards, eight agricultural, and animal husbandry harvest awards. In 2015, he received the honorary title of outstanding middle-young age experts in Shandong Province.

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