Speakers(Updating) » Prof. Aizhen Guo

She is a professor of Huazhong Agricultural University, a special allowance recipient of the State Council, director of the National Animal Tuberculosis Laboratory (Wuhan), a national outstanding talent in agricultural research, academic leader of the basic and technological innovation team of bovine disease control, and director of the disease prevention and control research unit of the National Beef Cattle/Yak Industrial Technology System. She is engaged in the research of epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunity mechanism, new vaccines and diagnostic techniques of important bovine diseases such as bovine tuberculosis, and has developed 4 new vaccines for cattle and 5 new diagnostic kits for cattle diseases. She has obtained 3 new veterinary drug registration certificates and 1 transgenic safety certificate; declared 57 national invention patents and obtained 28 authorizations; formulated 3 national and industry standards and 9 local standards; obtained 5 software copyrights; published more than 300 papers, including 95 SCI-indexed papers; published 26 monographs, including 8 edited/associated edited books.

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