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Xiaoxu Fan is the expert of South-South cooperation of FAO, expert of Ad Hoc Expert Group of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Asia - African Swine Fever (ASF). Standing Committee Member and Secretary General of the First Youth Group of the Veterinary Microbiology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Microbiology. He organized and coordinated the national special epidemiological investigation of bovine tuberculosis in 2020 and participated many times in emergency tasks such as guidance on epidemic treatment, guidance on post-disaster agricultural production recovery, emergency sampling, research, evaluation of overseas epidemic-free areas, and comparison of diagnostic kits, and successfully completed the laboratory testing of Ebola virus at Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Summit. Besides, he was invited by FAO to Vietnam to guide the handling of the ASF epidemic. Dr. Xiaoxu Fan is engaged in technical support work for major and exotic animal diseases such as bovine tuberculosis, ASF, petit ruminant disease, nodular skin disease, Seneca valley virus disease, Nipah disease, Hendra disease, and West Nile fever. He established an on-site quick detection technology platform to shorten the amplification reaction time to less than 20 minutes, developed standard materials such as ASF virus genomic DNA and developed a standard quality control analysis system. Analyze the host's anti-infection immune mechanism by means of transcriptome, proteomics, and gene expression regulation.

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