Dongming Zhao, PhD, Professor, has been working on zoonosis and exotic diseases for near 14 years. Since the first African swine fever (ASF) invaded in China, he has made great and promising progress in the aspects of isolation and characterization of first African swine fever virus (ASFV) in China, ASFV structure biology and vaccine development. He has successfully isolated the first virulent ASFV strain and lower virulent ASFVs in China, respectively, developed live attenuated ASFV vaccine which is under evaluation in clinical trial, illuminated the architecture of intact ASFV particle in three dimensions. Dr. Dongming Zhao has published 14 SCI papers as the first or corresponding author with a total impact factor of more than 80 in peer reviewed journals such as Science, Nature Communications, Journal of Virology, and Emerging Microbes and Infections. Now he is in charge of one project belonging to the National Key R&D Program of China as a chief scientist, and is selected as one of key members of “Heilongjiang Touyan Actin Plan”. 

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