Jiabo Ding

Ding Jiabo, researcher, Director of Testing Technology Research Office of China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute, Director of National/OIE Brucellosis Reference Laboratory, Brucellosis Expert designated by OIE. Committed to the prevention and control of animal brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis in my country, and achieved important results. He has obtained 11 national invention patents, 5 new veterinary drug certificates, and published more than 200 papers. He is also an executive director of the Chinese Society of Microbiology, and an expert of the New Veterinary Drug Review/GMP/GCP/Veterinary Pharmacopoeia Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. He has won the National Youth Science and Technology Award, National Agricultural Advanced Individual, National Agricultural Advanced Worker, National Ten Thousand Talents Program, and other honors.

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