Wenxue Wu


Dr. Wenxue Wu is a professor and supervisor of doctoral students, director of Rapid Diagnosis Technology Laboratory of Animal Diseases at College of Veterinary Medicine in CAU. He is an expert of National Dairy Industry Technology System, Commission of Veterinary Drug Evaluation of MOA, a committee member of Commission of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia, an executive director of biological products branch of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association, an editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine. He has been a vice dean of College of Veterinary Medicine, a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School and nominated as “New Century Excellent Talent” by the Ministry of Education. He has developed 34 diagnosis methods/kits of infectious animal diseases, obtained 3 New Veterinary Drug Certificates, published over 60 papers on Anal Chem, Front Cell Infect Microbiol and other journals. Editor in chief: Diagnosis and Treatment Manual of Bovine Disease, Veterinary Basic Photographs, Deputy editor in chief: Series of Diagnosis and Treatment Manual of Livestock and Poultry Diseases, Series of China Veterinary Diagnosis and Treatment Photographs.

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