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 Deming Zhao

China Agricultural University

         Zhao Deming, male, Ph.D., Yamaguchi University, Japan, professor of the College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University. He is currently the chairman of the branch of veterinary pathologist of China Veterinary Association; chairman of the Committee of Experimental Pathology of the Chinese Society of Laboratory Animals; member of the National Laboratory Animal Expert Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, he has hosted more than 50 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Ministry of Science and Technology's international cooperation and exchange research projects, and the Ministry of Agriculture's key special projects. The SCI journal published as the first author or corresponding author contains more than 70 papers, 13 published articles, won 10 national patents, and won the second prize of the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" and other awards.


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