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Kathy Kurth

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Dr. Toohey-Kurth earned a BS and MS from the Bacteriology Department at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She continued her education in the Microbiology Department at the University of Minnesota Medical School where she trained in molecular virology. Following this, she did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Rocky Mountain NIH facility and a Science Fellowship at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (both Ames and Plum Island locations). She did additional training at Iowa State University in food safety pathogens. Over the past 20 years she has held two academic appointments; first at the University of Wisconsin and the California Animal Health and Food Safety  Laboratory, University of California. Currently, she holds the position of Professor of Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology and oversees the Milk Quality and Food Pathogen testing programs.  

Dr. Toohey-Kurth has applied her clinical and molecular expertise to the development and improvement of diagnostic assays for detection of mammalian, avian, aquatic and food safety pathogens. As part of her focus on improving veterinary diagnostics, Dr. Kurth has participated in a number of national and international committees in order to develop standards for performance of veterinary diagnostic testing. She has served as molecular section editor for the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation (JVDI) since 2016 and recently completed co-editing a focus issue dedicated to real-time PCR. 

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