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Guoqing Cao , Ph.D

researcher, deputy director of Purification Air Conditioning Technology Center of China Academy of Building Research, postgraduate tutor, director of Purification Air Conditioning Inspection Department of National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Key Research and Development Program "Green Building and Building Industrialization "The person in charge of key special projects. He is also a member of the National Health Commission Medical and Health Construction Equipment Standards Professional Committee, a reviewer of laboratories, inspection institutions, and biosafety laboratories of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and deputy director of the Laboratory Technical Support and Assurance Professional Committee of China Metrology and Testing Society Member, member of the Biosafety and Protective Equipment Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, standing member of the Medical Clean Equipment Engineering Branch of the Chinese Medical Equipment Association, and member of the Indoor Environment and Health Branch of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences. Presided over/participated in 6 national-level scientific research projects, edited/participated more than 20 national/industry standards such as GB50346-2011 "Technical Specifications for Building Biosafety Laboratories", GB50686-2011 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Infectious Disease Hospitals", and won the provincial 4 ministerial-level scientific and technological achievement awards, more than 10 national patents, more than 50 papers published, 9 works as editor/participant; the design projects completed by the presided over won 3 China Architectural Design Awards; more than 10 major national-level projects were presided over Engineering inspection and acceptance. He has long been engaged in scientific research standards, design consultation, inspection and acceptance, debugging and diagnosis, and product development in the fields of hospitals, biosafety laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, industrial buildings, indoor air quality, and air cleaning technology.

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