Fan Weixing

Nanjing Agricultural University

Fan Weixing, Ph.D., researcher, master tutor of Nanjing Agricultural University, director of the zoonosis surveillance office, director of the National Zoonotic Disease Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory, National Dairy Industry Technology System (Bacterial Infectious Diseases and Drugs) Scientist, member of Brucellosis Professional Committee of Chinese Endemic Disease Association. Now he is engaged in the investigation, monitoring and diagnosis control of zoonoses such as brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis. Undertake the completion of 15 special projects in the agricultural industry, 863 projects, 948 projects, scientific and technological support projects, scientific basic work projects, and international cooperation projects of the Ministry of Agriculture. Participated in the formulation of "National Brucellosis Prevention and Control Plan (2016-2020)", "National Bovine Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Guidance (2017-2020)", presided over the revision of "National Brucellosis Diagnostic Technical Standards for Animals (GB18646-2017)", formulated and revised the country With 8 industry standards, more than 30 reports and policy recommendations were submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, and 3 provincial and ministerial second prizes and 3 third prizes were awarded. He edited 8 books and published 90 papers, including 10 SCI papers.

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