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Guoqiang  Zhu

Dr. Guoqiang Zhu holds a PhD and a DVM degree. He is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Microbiology, Yangzhou University College of Veterinary Medicine.  His research emphases on animal and foodborne pathogens, microbial disease diagnosis, prevention and control, molecular pathogenesis of animal pathogens, and host-microbe interactions. Dr. Zhu is particularly interested in bacterial adhesin-based vaccine, antibody and probiotics development against pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella strains. Dr. Zhu is also working on genome evolution of Salmonella, E. coli, and develops the highly-sensitive and specific methods identifying the infected microbes and analyzing the antigenicity, and develops algorithms to assist design of the target epitope and vaccines against the pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella under the support of many NSFC grants from China.

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