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Tavis Anderson

Tavis Anderson is a Research Biologist at the National Animal Disease Center (United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service). Dr. Anderson’s research has combined computational and experimental studies to understand how RNA viruses evolve as they are transmitted among hosts and across complex landscapes. His work integrates traditional and high-throughput sequence data with population genetic, phylogenetic, and statistical modeling techniques to quantify the evolution and emergence of novel RNA viruses in swine. His current efforts include the identification of genetic predictors of influenza host range and virulence, the use of sequence data to understand the genetic and antigenic variability of endemic viruses, and the application of these results to generate applied solutions to preventing virus transmission (e.g., vaccine development). An additional focus of his research is the development of bioinformatic tools that quantify the diversity of RNA viruses infecting swine, and the curation of genetic sequence data in online databases with real-time genomic epidemiology tools. A common theme in his work is the use of heterogeneous data with statistical inference and data modeling to discover generalized mechanisms of pathogen transmission, with a goal to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, people, and the environment. https://anderson-lab.com/

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