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Jianzhong Shen

Professor, China Agriculture University

Professor Jianzhong Shen, as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) in China Agriculture University (CAU), Director of National Reference Center for Veterinary Drug Safety Evaluation, Director of National Reference Center for Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis, Vice Chair of 7th Committee for Chinese Society of Toxicology, Chairman of the Veterinary Toxicology Committee of the Chinese Toxicology Society.

Dr. Shen has significant contribution to the development of knowledge and key techniques of veterinary drug residues detection, emergence, transmission, risk assessment of antibiotic resistance in bacteria of animal origin and ecological toxicology of veterinary medicine. In the last decade, more than 50 research grants has been awarded from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Basic Research Program of China, Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest, National Key Technology R&D Program, Distinguish Youth Scholars of Ministry of Education of China. Over 200 research articles has been published in the peer-reviewed journals and more than 50 patents has been granted. Due to the outstanding achievements, he has received China Agriculture Talent Award in 2018, Excellent Communist Party Members in Beijing Universities and National Innovation Competition Award in 2017, Capital Labor Medal in 2016, the Second Prize of National Technology Invention Award in 2015, the First Prize of National Agriculture Science and Technology Award in 2013, National Agricultural Scientific Research Talent in 2012, National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers in 2010, the Second Prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress in 2006 and the First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award in 2005. On behalf of the Chinese Government, Dr. Shen attended the International Conference on Drug Residues and Antibiotic Resistance of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission on 6 occasions.

Dr. Shen has been an active committee member of multiple national organization and science community including: Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, Veterinary Food Hygiene Society of Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, National Committee of Experts on Veterinary Drug Residues, China Feed Industry Association, National Technical Committee for Standardization of Feed Industry, Commission of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia, National Committee for the Review of Food Safety Standards.


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