2020 Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference (AVDC) - China Call for Abstracts 

Speakers(Updating) » Jianqiang Zhang

Jianqiang Zhang

Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Dr. Jianqiang (JQ) Zhang is an Associate Professor and virologist at the Virology/Molecular diagnostic section of the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. He has extensive experience in classical virology and molecular diagnostics of veterinary viruses. His current research is focused on diagnostics, pathogenesis and vaccine development of viruses of veterinary significance especially swine enteric coronaviruses and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. He has >90 refereed journal publications, 27 factsheet and extension publications, 6 book chapters, the co-editorship of Diseases of Swine (the 11th edition), and 207 conference proceedings/abstracts. The recent awards he received include the 2015 Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine Early-Career Achievement in Research Award, the 2016 Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence, and the 2016 Iowa State University Award for Early Achievement in Research.

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