Dr. Ganwu Li

Associate Professor, Iowa State University


Dr. Ganwu Li is an Associate Professor at the molecular diagnostic section of the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory (ISU-VDL). He created the Next-generation Sequencing Unit in the ISU-VDL in 2012 and was one of a few pioneers to explore the possibility of applying this most advanced technology to veterinary diagnostic medicine in the United States, which now has ISU-VDL well positioned to be a leader in the arena. Dr. Li is also working with molecular pathogenesis of foodborne bacterial pathogens. His lab is one of the most active labs working with molecular pathogenesis of extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC). He has authored more than 60 manuscripts in leading journals including PLoS Pathogens, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Molecular Microbiology, Journal of Virology, and Infection and Immunity.

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