2020 Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference (AVDC) - China Call for Abstracts 

Speakers(Updating) » Changchun Tu

Dr. Changchun Tu


In 2004, Changchun Tu earned his Ph D degree in Preventive Veterinary Medicine China Agricultural University. He is the head of OIE and National Reference Laboratory for Rabies. Prof Changchun Tu is a PI at CVRI and his research interests mainly focus on pathogen ecology, molecular epidemiology and evolution of bat-borne zoonotic viruses, rabies virus and classical swine fever virus by routine virological approaches as well as metagenomic and phylogenetic analysis. He is leading projects under support of NSFC and MOST to investigate the viromic compositions existing in natural reservoirs (bats and rodents), vectors (ticks) and pigs, aiming to understand origination of emerging viral diseases. To combat the increasing epidemic of rabies in China he established Diagnostic Laboratory on Rabies and Wildlife Associated Zoonoses in 2005 under the support of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. In following years his laboratory formed a strong capacity to deal with rabies and has been playing an irreplaceble role in provision of rabies confirmatory diagnoses, laboratory training and execution of national rabies surveillance programs. His laboratory was designated as OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies in 2012 and National Reference Laboratory for Rabies in 2017. As supervisor Prof Tu has educated more than 60 postgraduates and published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers in international journals. 

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